ABG Houston – From the Early Days to Present with Mike Pettey

Mike Pettey, CEO and President of Alliance Benefit Group, discusses why he started ABG and what he looks forward to for the company’s future.

An Evolutionary Process of the Retirement Plan Business

“ABG was an evolutionary process of the retirement plan business. In the early days, the retirement plan business was defined benefit plans. Defined contribution plans were just rarely done. So today, we formed ABG to get into the record keeping business of what we call open architecture and it’s evolved into a lot of different things but effectively that was all done because of changing regulations in the retired plan business.”

Looking Forward to the Future

“I don’t worry too much about the future in the sense of what’s going to happen. This is a business that over the last forty years changes from a regulatory standpoint. Changes in the law can really affect what we do as far as our business is concerned. But what I feel really good about is the stability of the company, the fact that I have two sons in the business. I have a good great management team that we’re constantly improving on. There’s no question the company’s stronger today than it was when I started this, not even close, and it’s going to be even stronger tomorrow and I’m going to believe that with all my heart. We’re in good shape and the future is bright – you know it makes me feel very good.”

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