Why Should We Hire You Scott? Retirement Plan Services

Scott Dozier, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at ABG Houston, discusses why you should hire him for your retirement plan services.

Why should we hire you for retirement plan services?

I often get asked “Why ABG?” or “Why Scott?”

I think there are four reasons you should consider working with me:

  • First, is my experience. I’ve been around the retirement plan industry for about 13 years now. Everything from a financial advisor to my current role which is a third-party administrator.
  • I’d also say that they second reason is my technical knowledge. I’m kind of geeky about 401(k)s. I tend to pride myself on my ability to understand, analyze, and implement a retirement plan.
  • The third reason you should consider working with me is my ability to communicate. I try to be timely, efficient and helpful with my communication with my clients, advisors, as well as participants.
  • And lastly, I hope that I have a certain amount of empathy with the people that I work with. I care about my job. The retirement plan industry can be a dry industry if you don’t care about the people you’re serving and what you’re doing. And I tell advisors, “You know, you really need somebody that has experience, knowledge, and wisdom when it comes to retirement plans.”

ABG’s DNA is made up of service. I hope that mine is the same.

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