How is ABG … Different?

As we go into 2017, and you begin to think about Retirement Plan Services, you may be wondering how Alliance Benefit Group is different. Vice President of Sales and Marketing at ABG Houston, Dan Hyatt shares his thoughts on how ABG is different. 

“Advisers ask us all the time, how is Alliance Benefit Group different than other TPA’s. I tell them, you know, many people consider our service to be a commodity because we all do the same basic things; we fill out a plan document, we do the same testing and then we also prepare the 5500.

Where we really start to shine is that we do the customized plan consultation for the adviser up front. That’s where we build out the plan document and a side-by-side comparison to show you how we would be much more efficient and effective with the way we would design the plan. Now for you the adviser, this creates more value because now you can go back and separate yourself from the existing adviser and providers by saying I can build this one better. It’s important. You know at Alliance Benefit Group, it’s not just about retirement plans; it’s about the service and helping advisers.”

Watch the video:

Vice President of Sales and Marketing Dan Hyatt discusses how ABG is different from other Retirement Plan Service Providers.