What Differentiates ABG From Other Service Providers

What Differentiates ABG? A Culture of Service.

What differentiates ABG from other service providers? It’s our culture of service. It’s really a part of our DNA; it’s very much like a family atmosphere. In fact, I believe that the folks that I work with … they treat our clients and advisors the very same way they do their families when they go home at night.

Service Culture in Action

A way in which that [service culture] shows up in our work is our concierge service on the front. And the sales team and implementation team do a great job of providing detailed explanations and review of their plans as well as their goals themselves. And in fact, we try and do this with integrity and with a certain amount of transparency, so that the client knows who we are, who they’re dealing with, and what they can expect in the long run from ABG. I like to think that retirement is not just our work but it’s also really cool.

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Scott Dozier, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, ABG Houston – What Differentiates ABG from other Service Providers?

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