ABG as Industry Leader with Partner Parrish Pettey

ABG Partner Parrish Pettey discusses how ABG positions themselves as a leader in the Retirement Services Industry.

Our job as leaders is to really encourage fresh innovative thinking, to really empower our employees to be a part of the process and to always be thinking of new creative, more efficient ways to serve our clients’ needs.

I’m always working to make sure that I continue to grow as a leader. I realize that I do not have all the answers. I, myself, am a work in progress.

Staying Abreast of Industry News and Changes

I’m actually a part of many different organizations that help me to continue to not only stay abreast of what’s going on in our business what’s going on with a lot of similar sized businesses. I’m always trying to learn and surround myself with much smarter people than myself.

Hiring the Right People

The most important decision I make as a leader of this company is who to hire and when to hire employees. We’ve been blessed with a lot of growth these last few years and, in turn, we have to continue to hire staff to keep the level of service consistent with the bars that we have set previously. To me, finding quality employees that really fit into our culture and want to serve our clients is something that we have to continue to do – to seek out and find the right people.

It’s important that we continue the culture of serving others and so the most important thing we can do as leaders is to be particular, always looking to hire new people that really fit in well and want to serve our clients as much as we do.

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